Congratulations on getting started! We are so excited for your journey ahead!!!

If you are starting this business out with your other half (which can be super beneficial as you have someone to bounce ideas off of, keep you accountable, and share the workload with), it is best to watch the modules together and book a coaching call for a time that suits you both to attend.

In the BYEU platform, please start with Modules 1-4. You will come across a questionnaire in Module 2, which you will need to complete and EMAIL to us before your coaching call. You can email your completed questionnaire by replying to this email.

It will take approximately 4 hours to watch the content from Module 1-4. Keep in mind, you only have 7 days for your trial, so best to watch them ASAP!

Once you have completed up to Module 4 you will have your Strategy 1 on 1 Coaching Call with Brent. During this call he will answer any questions you have and help you develop a plan to get your business off the ground and running.

It is best to get this call booked in ASAP. Please choose a time that you can commit to completing Module 4 by. Our available coaching call spots book up very quickly, so please head to the link below and book ahead to ensure you can have your call during your 7 day free trial.

Below is our booking link for the call.

What you require for the coaching call:

sent your discovery questionnaire to us by replying to this email

Completed Modules 1-4

We look forward to helping you change things up in your life and create an incredible business online!

If you have any questions during Module 1-4 we highly recommend you write a list of these to bring with you to your coaching call or you can email us or make sure you join the BYEU Facebook group for more support.

CONGRATS FOR TAKING ACTION! Your Journey starts here!

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