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As a creator of an online 7-figure business, Brent has a relentless passion and drive to show others that anything is possible in the online business space. 

Brent’s entrepreneurial journey began partly out of defiance to the expectations and beliefs of others telling him how life should be lived. After a destructive youth and issues with authority, Brent set about to create a life that went against the grain and took massive aligned action in online business to create his own path. He wasn’t afraid to do what others wouldn’t do. And this is the core of his success.

Brent has now created multiple streams of income and business revenue online all while travelling Australia and living in a caravan with his family for the past two years. As the creator of a successful lifestyle brand, a podcaster, public motivational speaker and business coach, Brent has a vision to not only inspire others, but show them how to create opportunities, abundance and wealth of their own to live a life that is anything but normal… to go all in and live a life worth living.


Molly entered the world of online business after becoming a mother for the first time. Like so many other women, Molly loved her role as a mother, but found herself feeling stagnant and with a loss of identity. This desire for more, drove Molly to step outside her comfort zone and create a business that allowed her to explore her passions and create income, all while being present for her children.

This first business venture, a photography business, created a spark in Molly. Building a business set a fire within and she found her calling as an entrepreneur.

As well as a 7-figure income business woman, Molly is a motivational speaker, podcaster, Lifestyle brand creator who desires to show other mother’s and women how to create an abundant business that provides freedom to be present for the small and big moments with their children each and every day.

Molly now runs multiple highly successful online businesses, and along with her husband Brent and two children. After travelling Australia and living in their caravan for two-years, they have now put down roots on the Sunshine Coast as Lifestyle Hustlers moves into its next level.

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Ashley George

CEO at Company.


Ashley really helped us to convert our visitors to our customers very quickly This has saved us an immense amount of time, allowing us to focus our efforts where it matters most — getting out there and doing what we love!"

Carla Doe

CEO at Company.


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Madi was the inspiration behind parent’s Brent & Molly’s decision to go all in the online space. 

While Madi loved travelling and homeschooling on the road, she was so excited to start school now and make some friends who she will continue to see every day. When Madi is not at school she loves to play princess dress ups in her own room! But she still loves spending time with her little brother too.

Madi’s favourite place from travelling Australia was Uluru. Her favourite part of moving into a house is having somewhere for her very own makeup table and somewhere to store all her handbags.


Kobi’s arrival in the world a few years ago, was the final factor in motivating his family to make business online work! 

He has spent most of his life so far living in a caravan and travelling Australia. His favourite place so far is Airlie Beach, but Kobi is super excited to have a house now so he can have a swing set in the yard and ride his bike any time he likes.

Kobi loves having Mum and Dad work from home so that he can cuddle them anytime he likes and play Playdoh with them too.




Each individual may experience different level of achievement at any given time. The examples used, are ideal results. However, there are certain factors affecting such results. Some of the factors include the level of persuasion, dedication, desire, discipline, action and a multitude of other variables.
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